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Top 10 HR Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

In the HR space, what took HRs an extensive amount of time and organizational resources a decade ago can be achieved within minutes or instantaneously today. This evolution in managing human capital was driven by technological advancements and the shift in workforce behavior toward tech-driven processes. Currently, as the pandemic is disrupting core organizational processes, HRs are emphasizing on using digital mediums that employ big data analytics and predicting employee behavior and potential candidate performance with ease and safety. At the same time, the HR space is also experiencing a surge in gamified and AR/VR-based assessment programs that collect critical employee information in a highly engaging way.

Concurrently, as the pandemic gives rise to more stringent data safety and privacy regulations, HR tech solutions are enabling companies in seamlessly and efficiently manage their documentation while keeping them informed about newer mandates in real-time. Intuitive and gamified HR solutions are also facilitating HRs in designing personalized training regimes that align with the needs of an individual employee, thereby minimizing workforce burnout and maximizing performance.

With a comprehensive understanding of these new developments, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of leading HR Tech solution providers to guide firms in harnessing the power of emerging technologies to tackle today’s prevalent HR challenges. In this edition, HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has identified the ‘Top 10 HR Tech Solution Providers in Europe - 2020.’ The companies showcased in this issue have exhibited extensive knowledge, strategy, and means to delivering solutions that ensure effective and long-term employee benefits. We hope this edition helps you build partnerships that you and your firm require in order to foster a better working environment.

    Top HR Tech Solution Companies in Europe

  • GlobePayroll brings a product that allows businesses to manage their HR processes globally in an efficient manner. GlobePayroll’s cloud-based platform facilitates a tightly integrated process that enables clients to roll out their HR functionalities while also managing their data securely. This way, the company allows businesses to focus on both HR and payroll in one system. This proves to be a massive advantage for GlobePayroll’s clients, who get access to a tightly integrated, all-in-one platform rather than just a payroll solution

  • TotalSoft provides business software systems (ERP, HCM, CRM, and BI) in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has a team of over 550 specialists and projects in 45 countries, on 4 continents. Its top products, Charisma ERP and Charisma HCM are market leaders in Romania, with application in nine business verticals: financial, retail, distribution, production, services, construction, agriculture, energy, and medical

  • BizMerlinHR


    Virginia-based BizMerlin offers an AI powered human capital management (HCM) system for fast growing mid-sized enterprises that need to go beyond traditional HR and use best workforce planning tool available. The company enables its clients to hire the best candidates, easily onboard your employees, guide their performance and train and retaining your best talent. BizMerlin’s cloud-based application facilitates the automation of their hiring processes and is supported on all web browsers and native iOS and Android mobile apps. Additionally, the AI-based solution has over 100 integrations with JIRA, Salesforce, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Slack and others.

  • Bryq


    Greece-based Bryq is an AI-powered assessment platform that optimizes hiring and talent management decisions. Backed by proven science, Bryq democratizes access to next-generation talent management features that are a competitive advantage for any company. Further enhancing Bryq’s SaaS platform is its ‘profile prediction,’ feature that gives CEOs, HR professionals and hiring managers access to objective data about peoples’ skills and personality, helping them make better, faster, and bias-free hiring decisions. The company’s software offering is built to serve organizations of any size, and can be productively deployed within less than a week.

  • CatalystOne


    Norway-based CatalystOne is one of the fast-growing SaaS company that specialises in software and services for digitalising HR processes and enabling positive relations between HR, employees, and managers. The company is the Nordic leader within human capital management (HCM) software owing to its specialised, and user-friendly solutions built to enhance the efficiencies of processes such as HR master data, performance management, talent management, and learning management. Above all, CatalystOne works closely with its customers to ensure maximum value and provides support beyond expectations thanks to its highly customer-centric ethos.

  • Ceridian


    Minnesota-based Ceridian is a global human capital management software company. The company’s flagship cloud human capital management (HCM) platform provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management functionality. At the same time, the platform is used to optimize management of the entire employee lifecycle, including attracting, engaging, paying, deploying, and developing people. Ceridian’s clientele comprises orgamisations from a multitude of market sectors including retail & hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, public sector, and sports entertainment, among others. And above all, the company has developed a portfolio that adds value to businesses of all sizes.

  • Elanor


    Czech Republic-based Elanor offers a unique tool for managing human resources, an information system that comprehensively handles payroll, personnel and attendance administration. Concurrently, the company a broad range of services in the fields of payroll and HR, whether this concerns purchase or lease of software / applications, consultancy or taking on all paperwork administration. Elanor’s portfolio comprises its comprehensive payroll and HR system and a user-friendly HR portal that extends the capability of its solution. The company also offers payroll and HR outsourcing services alongside a service portal that ensures 100 per cent customer success.

  • niikiis


    Spain-based niikiis offers a configurable all-in-one employee experience software for small and medium-sized companies. The company’s solution is an AI-based employee onboarding platform. niikiis drives success by helping HRs centralize employee information and records, manage relevant employee documents and content in employee profiles, set up onboarding paths for new hires, quickly, easy and effectively by automating the entire process so they turn into confident, and more. The features of the product include employee onboarding, feedback management, candidate engagement, personalized chatbot, peer-to-peer engagement, etc. The product is offered on a subscription-based pricing plan.

  • Ontame


    Traditionally, every new recruitment campaign is approached with minimal (if any) learnings, which costs companies vast amounts of money in lost productivity, revenue and profit. Denmark-based Ontame offers the first unified HR data-analytics platform for talent attraction. Powered by AI, the company’s proprietary tech stack is built from the ground up to connect, unify, activate and understand the candidate-journey, from pre- to post-hire. The end product is a consolidated data platform with role-based actionable recruitment dashboard, allowing talent-attraction stakeholders to make better decisions today, not someday. makes it easy to understand and act on talent attraction data insights, so companies can increase productivity and drive quality candidates.

  • People Analytix

    People Analytix

    Switzerland-based People-Analytix addresses the central challenges of the technology-driven, fast-moving working world with its portfolio. The company operates on the belief that as roles and functions change, so do the tasks and skills required. With a mission to enable a smoother transition, People-Analytix uses large amounts of data and artificial intelligence to provide a better understanding of the skills available to the organization and supports the targeted development of these skills along the corporate strategy. With the company’s offerings, employees at client organisations gain valuable insights into future-proof skills and discover new career prospects.