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Top 10 HR Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

In this competitive world, employees are the true determinants of any company’s ongoing success and growth. Investing in employees to help them understand their true potential and create a highly-dependable workforce is the mission of HR leaders all over the globe. In order to drive innovation, HR leaders are expected to demonstrate tremendous skills in business expertise, organisation engineering, change management, data analysis and most importantly culture management to unlock an employee’s capabilities regardless of race, gender and age.

Several smart technologies are being used by the HR leaders to effectively address the fore mentioned challenges and by doing so, they are playing an important role in increasing market share, customer base, sales, driving product innovation and in helping the company to become more agile. By adopting a technological approach to its crucial processes, HR teams are improving employee retention, workplace collaboration, and helping employees work in a smart way.

This edition of HR Tech Outlook features companies such as Howamigoing, Netigate, nikkiis and Global HRIS that are at the forefront of offering agile HR solutions and services. HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you Top 10 HR Tech Companies in Europe-2019.

Top HR Tech Solution Companies in Europe

Effectory is Europe’s leading provider of employee feedback solutions. With headquarters located in the multi-cultural center of Amsterdam and offices in Munich and Cape Town, we facilitate some of the world’s major employee listening programs. The business’s platform is available in 35 languages and features easy-to-use and highly flexible survey set-ups, benchmarks for 56 countries, intelligent interactive reporting and integrated action planning. Effectory’s customers value its tech and touch combination: cutting-edge technology and strategic implementation consultancy. Implementation services include global project management, communications support, in-house training, and facilitating follow-up processes

With its hrMaster software, Evolution Consulting is customizing HR solutions, bringing a refined definition to complex software solutions and providing a 360-degree evaluation of multiple dimensions. The hrMaster software records and stores employee data in one place without duplicate records. The HR system saves a considerable amount of money and helps an organization stay updated about the company employees. The software can eliminate repetitive tasks such as report creation on excel and replace it with automatic sheet generation. With the hrMaster, HR professionals can upload the employee document library and access it with a single click

Howamigoing provides an employee-first HR platform that is not only intuitive but also focuses on employee engagement. The company has created a sweet concoction of technology, design, and psychology, crafted to deliver an intuitive and engaging experience for its users on its platform. It provides employees with a psychological safe space to share their feedback, goals and conversations in a way which is aligned to the business’s objectives. So in addition to making company-wide feedback and goal management processes easier and more effective, Howamigoing enables employees to securely ask anyone, any question, any time – and only the employee will see the responses

Founded in 2005, Netigate is an online-based survey platform company that has already helped more than 3,500 organizations stay ahead of the competition in terms of talent engagement, customersatisfaction, and market share. With its globally available platform with support for over 60 languages, clients can quickly discover new insights in an ongoing fashion and take immediate action. Netigate’s platform has feedback solutions that span the areas of employee experience, customer experience, and market research. The HR surveys cover the entire employee journey, from onboarding templates to measuring Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), through pulse and digital exit interviews

niikiis' AI-driven platform combines communication, learning, entertainment and gamification to make every employee a contributor to build a high-performing organisation by embracing a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. The company uses bite-sized, user-generated video assets and gamification to drive workforce engagement and productivity. niikiis' helps companies retain talent with faster onboarding, continuous learning and seamless communication across the workplace. niikiis empowers people at all levels of the organisation to team up with one another in a single virtual space, sharing insightful information as well as learning from each other in sharp contextualised and dynamic conversations

SabancıDx continues its operations in the digital transformation field with the strength taken from BimSA with 43 years of experience in information technologies. The business has led its way and completed many successful projects and pioneered new generation technologies in the digital field, such as advanced data analytics, robotic labor, and cybersecurity. SabancıDx meets all digital transformation needs of the companies from business consultancy in line with the future goals of the companies to business-specific applications with its expert staff and high value-added operations. Operating under Sabancı Holding with the vision of leading the digital transformation of Turkey and globalizing using the power of software, SabancıDx maintains its mission of carrying the businesses into the future by creating sustainable benefits with innovative digital ideas

Founded in the year 2000, Zalaris ASA is a leading provider of outsourced HR, personnel, and payroll processes. This includes outsourcing and operation services of payroll, and administrative personnel processes, in addition to, consultancy services on introducing SAP HR and personnel services. Zalaris enables the customer’s human resources department to focus on more strategic work and core business activities, which provides added value to the company. Zalaris’ services utilize web-based solutions from SAP and SuccessFactors. The business has nearly 20 years of experience with over different customers and more than one million payroll processes every month. Some of its customers include Statoil Fuel & Retail, Telenor, Hydro, Nordea, Eniro, Ringnes, Elkjøp, Finnair, Yara, and Storebrand



Benify offers leading global benefits management technology. The business’s solution helps employers create exceptional benefits and rewards experience while reducing benefits administration, automating processes, radically improving the communication of their employee value proposition, and ensuring better data governance and management of benefit and reward costs. Benify’s award-winning solution is truly mobile; their portal and employee app have reinvented the way modern employers engage with their employees. The enterprise’s highly customizable portal offers an in-built data mapping tool as well as powerful filtering capabilities. Additionally, their easy to use communication engine allows HR professionals to connect with end-users at various touchpoints easily

Juno Journey

Juno Journey

Juno Journey is a professional development platform aimed to reach every employee uniquely, increase engagement, loyalty, and ultimately produce company growth. Juno Journey utilizes Artificial Intelligence to accompany advice and lead its client’s employees through a process of personal growth. The platform provides a personalized experience for every employee and benefits the client’s entire team. The clients get insightful data and analytics on their professional assets at all company levels. Further, the platform analyzes and optimizes the client’s employees' value on a skill mapping level and gets insights and monitors employee engagement

Talentia Software

Talentia Software

Talentia provides HR and finance software specifically beneficial for medium-sized companies in dealing with organizational, technical, economic, and regulatory challenges. The company reduces complexity with its best-in-class HR and finance software fitted to meet mid-size company-specific needs. Talentia’s team makes them a committed, reliable, and sustainable company. The company closely works with its customers to meet their aspirations and reach their goals. Talentia’s values are the pillars of its corporate culture, and they are the founding action principles of every employee, both Talentia and it customers, prospects, and partners