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Top 10 HR Tech Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

Human Resource (HR) professionals have a variety of responsibilities from talent acquisition, talent management, payroll processing, performance appraisals, to record-keeping. The amalgamation of technology in the HR space is bringing in a shift in the traditional way of working. The emphasis is on the employees who are tech-savvy and connected. Cloud-based applications, mobile solutions, automation, and AI technology are providing efficient HR processes, better assessments, more recruitment, increased transparency, improved electronic payroll, and cybersecurity.

Modern innovative technologies are shaping a new world of work with emphasis on the employees. Cloud computing offers access to information, track applications, maintain employee data, simplify workflows and advanced security. With people analytics, HR professionals can get insights into what drives and motivates employees to perform and stay in an organization. AI is revolutionizing every industry and re-defining the way humans and machine interact. In the HR tech space, AI is helping organizations to improve decision-making, revamp customer experience, efficient recruiting process, and management practices.

These digital transformations are driving the HR professionals to better understand their employees and align company culture, talent and processes in a way that delivers the best employee digital experience.

With this rapid evolution in HR tech space, it is imperative for all the organizations to understand the dynamics of the market and keep up with the changing business environment. Keeping that in mind, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts including HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has charted out top 10 companies in Europe offering HR tech services for organizations.

We provide to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 HR Tech Consulting/Services Companies - 2018.”

    Top HR Tech Consulting Companies in Europe

  • Providers of a continuous, single-metric KPI on ‘people’ ready for the boardroom. Timely, reliable and simple

  • Offers world class change- and program leadership in complex people-related technology, business and HR contexts. Uses agile methodologies and deploys technology stacks to enable businesses to modernize their management-, HR- and people processes

  • ARAGO Consulting

    ARAGO Consulting

    The organization provides the client’s with end-to-end services with modern, relevant cloud HCM offerings

  • FourVision


    A global specialist for implementing the HR functionality of Dynamics

  • HRPath


    The company offers comprehensive services ranging from strategic thinking to deployment of integrated tools



    Launch! HCM is an internationally orientated HR IT consultancy that implements, supports and provides advice about SAP SuccessFactors solutions and improves HR productivity

  • MonPortailHR


    The HR management solutions provider has created an HRIS solution to meet the specific needs of the SMEs and support them in their HR development through a flexible, sustainable and scalable tool

  • NGA Human Resources

    NGA Human Resources

    NGA HR provides HR consulting, HR outsourcing, and HR technology with almost 50 years of experience which helps HR leaders to unlock the real value of the diverse workforce

  • OMD HR Consulting

    OMD HR Consulting

    Offers an online HRM Platform, which features job evaluation, career planning, objectives setting, performance calibration, salary review, 360 feedback and employee satisfaction survey modules

  • SHAPEiN Consulting GmBH

    SHAPEiN Consulting GmBH

    SHAPEiN is a small but powerful consulting company with an end-to-end solutions for their clients looking for an HRIS transformation