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Top 5 HR Tech Consulting/Service Companies in Europe - 2019

In this competitive world, employees are the true determinants of any company’s ongoing success and growth. Investing in employees to help them understand their true potential and create a highly-dependable workforce is the mission of HR leaders all over the globe. In order to drive innovation, HR leaders are expected to demonstrate tremendous skills in business expertise, organisation engineering, change management, data analysis and most importantly culture management to unlock an employee’s capabilities regardless of race, gender and age.

Several smart technologies are being used by the HR leaders to effectively address the fore mentioned challenges and by doing so, they are playing an important role in increasing market share, customer base, sales, driving product innovation and in helping the company to become more agile. By adopting a technological approach to its crucial processes, HR teams are improving employee retention, workplace collaboration, and helping employees work in a smart way.

This edition of HR Tech Outlook features companies such as Howamigoing, Netigate, nikkiis and Global HR Implementation Services that are at the forefront of offering agile HR solutions and services. HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you Top 5 HR Tech Consulting/ Service Companies in Europe - 2019.

    Top HR Technology Consulting Companies in Europe

  • A consulting firm that specialises project implementation, data migration, and business transformation. Bradbury and team ensure the effective orchestration of HR project implementation, thereby building a sturdy enterprise for clients. With implementation processes spanning across business, encompassing payroll project management, HR data migration, payroll testing, business process optimisation, service transition, and request for proposal and case reports, Global HRIS serves as a catalyst for HR operations. Global HRIS plans to adopt robotic process automation (RPA) into its service portfolio, in an effort to further streamline and optimise project management

  • Elements


    Elements Global Services is a leading International payroll and employer of record (EOR)/professional employer organization (PEO) with the expertise and resources available to make the hiring and employment process as easy as possible. The company’s clients have reported significant cost savings on insurance, in-country registration, and HR Compliance requirements. Elements Global provides a wealth of human resource knowledge to its clients on matters like employment contracts, global workers’ compensation, risk and compliance, tax credits, and more. The company helps its clients focus on their core strategies

  • F2A


    F2A provides integrated services for human resource management, business administration, and financial processes in the Italian market supported by complete, efficient, and continually evolving technological solutions. The company has over 50 years of experience in the management of critical business processes to help companies value their most valued asset: people. F2A’s services are designed to cover all the needs of corporate management. The company’s multidisciplinary skills allow them to develop integrated solutions for the multiple needs of customers. F2A’s experts manage every process in a highly specialized and professional manner

  • HR Path

    HR Path

    HR Path specializes in outsourcing payroll and various HR services. The company offers support at each stage of your HRIS on the leading software solutions on the market. From strategic thinking to the deployment of software integrated, the company offers complete solutions within the field of Human Resources. HR Path built the HR Business Intelligence solutions BiHRdy software to create an HR analytics report. The company provides comprehensive services ranging from strategic thinking to the deployment of integrated tools in the field of human resources. HR Path’s extensive knowledge enables them to anticipate their clients’ needs rather than react to them

  • Sabris


    Sabris provides system integration and long-term services in the CEE region via a multilingual support center and shared services center. The company focuses on professional consulting, business solutions, and services that bring significant added value to companies, increasing their performance and prosperity. Sabris builds long-term partnerships with customers based on open communication and mutual trust. The company uses proven best practices as well as their expertise in specific industries combined with years of experience from completed projects. Sabris has enjoyed long-term stability, and they aim to be a reliable partner and increase their market share