Zalaris: Comprehensive, Multi-country HR and Payroll Services across Europe

Hans-Petter Mellerud, CEO, ZalarisHans-Petter Mellerud, CEO
Multinational organizations demand an integrated and compelling experience for their employees across various countries and hence, HR processes are in growing need of a coherent solution. A cloud-based solution with one set of standard interfaces coupled with harmonized reporting can do wonders to HR processes by optimizing the value of organizations’ human capital. Norway-based Zalaris already fulfills such needs with its comprehensive, cloud-based HR and payroll services as well as multi-country solutions based on SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM. Zalaris bolsters its offerings with strong local presence and competence in various countries. The company ensures integration with the major global HR solutions including SuccessFactors, Workday, and Oracle, and makes all processes available via mobile access.

Zalaris brings a complete HR solution to the market and also manages employee master data, records attendance, maintains travel expenses, performs tasks associated with payroll, and features integrated analytics, all on a single platform. “We take the responsibility of dealing with legal compliance in all countries that we operate in, supporting our localized solution with local staff well-versed in the local language and culture,” says Hans-Petter Mellerud, CEO of Zalaris, talking about the solution’s multi-country competency. As securing access control in a diverse system portfolio is challenging, Zalaris makes sure that its solutions comply with the latest GDPR regulations and also meet the data privacy requirements.

The effectiveness of Zalaris’ offerings can be illustrated by the firm’s project with a Sweden-based Fortune 500 company that employs almost 20,000 associates across four countries—Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.
Zalaris is providing one common set of payroll and HR services across the client’s Nordic operations with the help of a multi-country SAP HCM cloud-based platform. Not only has Zalaris helped the Swedish company advance its core competencies and maximize ROI within 14 months of implementation but has also been leading the client’s innovation efforts to better leverage their internal global shared services.

While the speed of deployment sets Zalaris apart from its competitors, leading advisors in the industry consider the company as the most fitting business partner for human capital management (HCM). Pete Tiliakos, principal analyst at NelsonHall states, “Zalaris is transforming into a one-stop- HR-shop for large and midmarket European-headquartered organizations by diversifying its service line offerings.” Zalaris also provides consulting for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors implementation, post-implementation support, as well as continued transformational change and advisory, ensuring that clients always remain up-to-date with regard to SAP HANA, Mobile Solutions, and SAP Fiori.

With a presence in 13 countries, Zalaris has expanded in size after acquiring two companies last year—one based in the UK and the other in Germany. Arkadev Basak of the Everest Group claims, ”Zalaris is one of the strongest multi-country payroll players in Europe with coverage across the United Kingdom, Ireland, DACH, Baltics, Poland, and the Nordics.” The company also lays great emphasis on taking social responsibility for the environment as well as the society, which is a key element of Zalaris’ work culture. “We strive to give our employees’ jobs another dimension rather than them simply receiving a paycheck every month,” adds Mellerud.

Zalaris now plans to extend its services across the entire European continent and also to potential markets outside Europe. In addition to payroll, the company looks forward to making inroads into various other horizontals including total workforce compensation, benefits and capabilities, and more. Zalaris is continually expanding with the goal of providing all the services required from an HR perspective along with leveraging analytics and robotics to further digitalize and simplify HR processes. “The way we partner with clients is defined by their appetite for change of strategies to keep up with business disruption—whether they want to change how they run their company via HR or simply just run it better,” concludes Mellerud.