Talentry: Introducing the New-Age Recruitment Process

Carl Hoffmann, Founder and CEO, TalentryCarl Hoffmann, Founder and CEO
Greg Savage had once rightfully said, “Hire an attitude, not just experience and qualification.” After finishing University in 2013, Carl Hoffmann realized how important it was for companies to abide by this statement. Even more so, at that time it had already become difficult for companies to find those kinds of candidates for their organization—the so called “war for talent” was on. Hoffmann observed that the employment market was shifting: while in the past candidates would apply for a job, it was rather employers applying for candidates due to a shortage of skilled workers. For Hoffmann it became clear that companies would need to find new ways of attracting and engaging talent if they wanted to ensure long-term business growth. Hoffmann’s vision led to the genesis of Talentry, the digital platform empowering recruiters to attract new talent and build an authentic employer brand. “The drastic change in demography, along with the huge amount of passive job seekers—in some countries as much as 80 percent— have made it imperative for employers to think beyond traditional channels and embrace new skills and capabilities for recruitment,” states Hoffmann, Founder and CEO of Talentry.

To enable companies to gain access to new talent, Talentry places employee referrals and employee advocacy on the top of the recruitment funnel. To elaborate, Talentry is a digital platform for employee referrals, which allows existing employees of a company to share open positions via social networks and recommend suitable candidates for the job. Many companies invest considerable amounts of their capital by outsourcing the recruitment process to recruitment firms or publish job ads. While some companies have recognized the power of employee referrals, many are coordinated rather opportunistically and in analog fashion.
Talentry strategizes and digitizes employee referral programs, thus effectively reduces the cost-per-hire and time-to-hire all while improving the quality of candidates, developing a unique brand statement in the journey.

In addition to employee referrals, Talentry enables employees to strengthen the brand value of their company. Talentry makes the employees act as the brand ambassadors of the employer; the existing employees can share relevant content, for instance news releases or blog articles about the company’s work culture, across their social networks.

In an attempt to facilitate global reach, the platform is available in numerous languages and integrates country-specific social media channels. To ease sharing and referring for employees, they can post jobs and content via desktop or a mobile app. Highly customizable, both platforms can be branded with any company’s corporate design to give employees the comfort of working on a platform owned by their employer rather than that of a third-party.

Added to the above-mentioned benefits, the Talentry platform allows seamless integration into the existing IT landscape of a company. The platform comprises interfaces that enable easy communication between the employers and the employees through the applicant tracking system. Instead of following the time-consuming hiring process, Talentry is empowering candidates to interact with their potential employers before the actual interview process starts. Lowering the barriers for talent to engage with a potential employer is crucial in times when companies compete for new candidates. In an instance, Talentry assisted one of its clients in increasing the number of referrals by three times within just four months, with first hires made only a few weeks after the program had been launched.

Based in Munich and London, Talentry has major expansion plans in the European markets, primarily in the UK, the Nordics, France and Benelux. The company has a bold vision when it comes to the future of recruitment: Carl Hoffmann is convinced that HR departments will need to pursue a marketing- and sales-based approach to build up talent pools and win candidates. “Across all industries, we see a need for companies to transform the way they recruit talent, shifting towards a process comparable to how they win customers in sales and marketing: attract, convert, engage, retain. To do this successfully and pursue a candidate relationship management (CRM) strategy, companies need the right technology,” concludes Hoffmann. Talentry’s new product–Talentry CRM–will enable companies to attract candidates, build talent pools and nurture them long-term.