SabanciDx: Comprehensive HR Management Solutions

Burak Aydin, General Manager, SabanciDxBurak Aydin, General Manager
Human resources (HR) is undergoing a rapid and profound change. Once viewed as a support function that delivered employee services, HR is now being tasked with helping to lead the digital transformation sweeping organizations worldwide. Along with its traditional responsibilities, today’s HR departments are under pressure to revamp talent practices, from recruiting to leadership to performance management, by experimenting with digital apps and creating a compelling employee experience. Companies want an integrated, digital experience in their workplace—one designed around teams, productivity, and empowerment. As a leading information technology company, SabanciDx is addressing the challenges of transforming operational HR processes to become automated and data-driven. “Our HR management solution allows firms to manage their workforce more effectively and improve productivity,” states Burak Aydin, general manager of SabanciDx.

SabanciDx’s turnkey HR management solution, HR-WEB, processes and ensures accountability within employee ranks. From onboarding to employee attendance and performance, the platform helps automate several HR processes and makes it easier to track employee behavior. Suitable for a wide range of organizations regardless of their size, the platform provides administrators with the tools they need to manage any number of employees. HR-WEB’s fully integrated modules, which include the HR applications, Payroll, and Portal (self-service) provide insightful information into processes and help identify key areas that have room for improvement.
HR-WEB saves users from dealing with the pain of scattered documents and spreadsheets and offers a single platform that allows to easily and efficiently manage HR processes. Further, it follows a software-as-a-service model and features a self-service portal that can be accessed by any employee. HR-WEB behaves like a social platform that helps employees better interact with their managers to solve problems. The information obtained from HR-WEB allows the decision makers of a company to maximize the contribution of their teams.

To demonstrate HR-WEB’s capabilities, Aydin mentions how SabanciDx helped a client, a leading technology provider in Turkey, increase their internal employee satisfaction by 20 percent. After utilizing HR-WEB, the client was able to increase the interaction between managers and employees while simultaneously decreasing the time to process pay slips, bonuses, and other HR operations. On another occasion, a manufacturing company was facing problems with the application process for availing government-sanctioned benefits. Turkey offers generous incentives for research and development (R&D) activities, which include grants and tax exemptions. Earlier, the client’s HR department used to take about a week to prepare the required paperwork for a formal application, but with the help of HR-WEB, the entire process could be completed in less than a day. The quick execution of the application process helped the client reduce expenditure on R&D projects in a timely manner.

Over the course of SabanciDx’s 40-year history, the company has collaborated with many leading technology providers. These partnerships have helped SabanciDx continuously upgrade its solutions and also better integrate its products with the software infrastructure that clients use. Presently, SabanciDx is focusing on enhancing HR-WEB’s user interface along with adding new features and functionalities. “We are assessing cutting-edge technologies such as robotic process automation and advanced analytics to help derive insights into HR management,” says Aydin. Customer orientation being a top priority for SabanciDx, the company continues to help its clients save time and costs while creating a competitive advantage by integrating the latest technology with business processes. Moving forward, SabanciDx is committed to its mission of being a reliable business partner and meeting the needs of its customers in the HR space.