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Carlos P. Hornstein, Founder and CEO, niikiisCarlos P. Hornstein, Founder and CEO
According to a recent Gallup survey focused on the State of the Global Workplace, 85 percent of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. This figure looks alarming, considering how crucial it is for employers to engage their employees to ensure positive business outcomes. Another factor that businesses overlook is the need to train their workforce to keep up with the highly globalised and digitised world. niikiis, an innovative B2B HR tech startup, identifies this glaring market need and fulfils it with an all-in-one AI-driven learning and communication platform. “niikiis was born out of the desire to reinvent the overall HR business model by promoting workforce microlearning, communication, and collaboration between employees and the enterprise,” says Carlos P. Hornstein, founder and CEO, niikiis.

niikiis’ integrated platform helps employees work faster and smarter, allowing them to develop an understanding of the internal resources along with obtaining process knowledge. It bolsters confidence and collaboration between employees to avoid project delays by providing them access to the training modules to further develop their skills and complete their tasks. “niikiis facilitates effective communication among employees, which makes them more engaged, loyal, productive, and committed to the organisation,” adds Hornstein. Considering the crucial role that employee engagement plays in an organisation, niikiis’ solution was established on three strategic pillars: content creation, communication, and collaboration. Hornstein is of the view that supportive environments are fundamental to unleash the highest potential of the workforce, and these pillars prove significant in ensuring that.
niikiis truly makes a mark when it comes to assisting businesses in their employee engagement initiatives with its bite-sized video content, regular onboarding guidance, organization-wide collaboration, and constant manager-employee feedback. Another factor that differentiates niikiis is its bidirectional chatbot, an innovative solution that holds the capability to transform the obsolete intranet.

“We transform intranets into a modern, proactive, and portable 24/7 bidirectional chatbot to enhance employee experience,” explains Hornstein. The company’s chatbot along with the other tools collectively helps in building a motivated, efficient, and productive workforce in a collaborative environment—resulting in employees being as enthusiastic as they are on their first day at work.

The bite-sized video content produced by niikiis’ platform further proves to be an add-on for clients. These are short, instructional designed videos meant for knowledge sharing, which reflect the four principles from the neuroscience of learning— attention, generation, emotion, and spacing—that the firm’s core platform is based on. niikiis’ platform also utilises additional social components and gamification to increase workforce motivation and engagement. It allows companies to retain talent and maximise their productivity through a faster onboarding, a continuous learning system, and seamless communication across the workplace. “With the niikiis app, HR professionals can create personalized engagement paths to facilitate onboarding transitions,” adds Hornstein. It even encourages employees’ career growth through learning systems and ongoing coaching and feedback, inspiring excellence so that employees can perform to their full potential. This app—comprised of tools to streamline daily business processes—also features a robust communication platform with easy-to-use collaboration and conversation tools for employees to share ideas in a judgement-free environment.

We transform intranets into a modern, proactive, and portable 24/7 bidirectional chatbot to enhance employee experience

niikiis is an ideal partner for organisations as well as their employees as its solutions can be utilised to train employees on product features, functionalities, pricing, and many other crucial aspects, enabling them to share knowledge across an enterprise. This decreases the learning time along with training and travel costs and ensures improved product knowledge within the company while increasing employee productivity, consequently boosting customer satisfaction and sales.

Going forward, the company strives to incorporate new functionalities such as instant video conference and in-person teleprompter display in its solution to empower organisations across the globe and their employees.
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Carlos P. Hornstein, Founder and CEO

niikiis' AI-driven platform combines communication, learning, entertainment and gamification to make every employee a contributor to build a high-performing organisation by embracing a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. The company uses bite-sized, user-generated video assets and gamification to drive workforce engagement and productivity. niikiis' helps companies retain talent with faster onboarding, continuous learning and seamless communication across the workplace. niikiis empowers people at all levels of the organisation to team up with one another in a single virtual space, sharing insightful information as well as learning from each other in sharp contextualised and dynamic conversations