KeenCorp: The New People KPI

Hans Hemels, CEO, KeenCorpHans Hemels, CEO
Employees are a company’s greatest asset—they’re your competitive advantage.

Anne M. Mulcahy’s statement is indicative of how strategically important employees are for a business. In an attempt to unleash and utilize the true potential of the employees, organizations look forward to employee engagement as a significant means of improving creativity, customer satisfaction and productivity, thereby making headways toward a higher turnover. Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars on employee engagement programs, most organizations tend to overlook on one of the most critical factors of employee engagement: tangible ways to measure and track engagement of employees. Traditional measurement tools like annual surveys and pulse methods fail to eliminate bias and they rarely provide the complete picture. Evidently, tracking employee engagement is difficult, and the challenges are real. Set against this backdrop, there’s one company that’s turning these challenges into business opportunities to truly see all the employees and maneuver success. Enter KeenCorp.

In essence, when it comes to employee well-being and their sense of connection, KeenCorp stands on a belief that ‘if you don’t measure, you can’t manage’. At the core, the software - specifically designed for the boardroom wherein employees are viewed as the company’s most important asset - accentuates the power of understanding employees and delivering this insight as an essential boardroom KPI.
Hans Hemels, KeenCorp CEO explains: “Management of cashflow, productivity and sales is easy. We can count them, compare to last year, project forward and track. There are established and robust ways of measuring and reporting. The currencies are clear; Euro’s, units per day, number of orders.” From his own experience as HR Director he argues that with ‘people’ this has always been more difficult. Companies don’t have the right tool for the regular, fact-based conversation: “The human asset of any organization is of critical strategic importance. So why do we base decisions on anecdotal evidence and unreliable data? Companies don’t look at any other critical asset in that way.”

KeenCorp says it has developed the single people-KPI that is ready for inclusion onto the boardroom dashboard.It looks at tension and involvement within groups of employees from analysis of regular email communication. Unlike other HR technologies the ‘KeenCorp Index’ measures continuously and it requires no effort from users. “Our output is timely, reliable and simple. Just what is required,” says Hemels.

KeenCorp leverages AI capability to manage huge amounts of data and produce its daily score, helping to connect the dots between groups of employees, costs and profit. What makes KeenCorp’s software stand out, is its scientific base for the psycho-linguistic analysis merged with AI. “This gives our software capability that wasn’t available before,” reveals Hemels.

In one instance, KeenCorp’s analysis showed that the management team of a client was scoring much lower than expected. Assisted by KeenCorp, the client focused on this specific team to initiate an intervention program, consequently leading to aquantifiable improvement. It was a real-time steer on decisions; the leadership had an understanding of where to focus on and invest in the employees, thereby supporting them to perform better.

Considering its humble beginnings, KeenCorp has been evolving rapidly and is currently receiving offers from global clients, across all continents. “Today there is a lot of interest in HR tech and AI is hot. When we started development a few years back we dreamt of what we now know. We have struck gold. ” concludes Hemels.