HRlinkIT: Navigating through the Talent Acquisition Labyrinth

Jan Van der Veken, Business Unit Manager, HRlinkITJan Van der Veken, Business Unit Manager
Digital transformation in the talent acquisition market is advancing in full steam. It is triggered by a war for skilled professionals, due to a talent shortage on the market. As this problem is likely to persist for the next decade, intermediates in the corporate recruitment process need to rethink the way they support their clients to find and attract talent. As businesses need assistance to select and implement tools required to recruit the finest talent in the market, HRlinkIT commits to shoulder the ‘burden’ in selecting and implementing the required tools, while also navigating them through the future talent acquisition/ technological challenges. HRlinkIT is an independent business partner for HR service providers and corporate HR departments with a laser focus on providing all-round technological solutions that help its clients in overcoming talent acquisition challenges.

“We advise clients on the means of implementing methods of finding and attracting talent, and smoothening the end-to-end recruitment process,” says Jan Van der Veken, Business Unit Manager of HRlinkIT. The company looks at CRM as customer and candidate relationship management software and enhances the process of hiring employees for both parties with its effective solutions.

With the unique combination of its independent position in the landscape and a thorough understanding of the labor market and its clients, HRlinkIT collaborates with business organizations and provides them with a complete technological solution that aids in attracting permanent and flexible talent.
Such solutions aid in “unburdening” the clients and support them through their talent acquisition activities while simultaneously maximizing the business profit. In doing so, the company focuses on the business challenges experienced by clients and translates them into technology blueprints that result in a roadmap. HRlinkIT’s methodology, a culmination of its knowledge of talent acquisition market in Belgium since 2001, proves beneficial to clients as it takes an informed approach to talent sourcing automation based on talent acquisition analytics. This aids in the creation of a strong employer brand that targets the market effectively and improves the impact of workforce management planning.

Van der Veken states, “Each technology blueprint can have a different focus and different solutions can be selected to create the benefit that our clients need.” The uniqueness of the company stems from its ability to deliver customized solutions that cater to individual customer requirements. As HRlinkIT is not bound by existing talent acquisition solutions on the market, it can freely create a mix of solutions to meet client needs optimally. While clients have an internal ecosystem of tools and applications needed to support their business processes, intermediates are pushed by the market to create an external ecosystem of solutions to support customer needs. “The ecosystem of these tools used by clients varies widely, so we guide them in creating an external set of tools and ecosystem,” Van der Veken reveals. Customers of intermediates can continue using this external ecosystem even after their relationship with the intermediate company ends.

In an instance, HRlinkIT was approached by Agilitas, the fifth largest HR service provider in the Benelux. The client sought to digitize and automate its internal processes and create an optimized and transparent customer and candidate experience. HRlinkIT aided Agilitas in detaching its front- and back-office functionalities to increase the efficiency of internal processes, and begin the process of talent sourcing automation. In addition, HRlinkIT encouraged Agilitas to invest in an applicant tracking system as a front-office application. These changes increased the inflow of candidates and optimized internal process support, while automation alleviated the burden of the employees.

The exponential expansion of HRlinkIT over the past few years has led to new projects springing up in Italy, the Netherlands, and Hungary, with plans to expand to Spain, Portugal, and France.