Evolution Consulting: Single Solution for all HR Activities

Dr. Mester Csaba, CEO, Evolution ConsultingDr. Mester Csaba, CEO
When it comes to the HR landscape, the continuous change in the labor market and the struggle to acquire and retain talents are the primary challenges companies are facing. Similarly, improving employee experience as well as easing HR administration has become a top priority. Effectively responding to these market challenges, Evolution Consulting has developed a full-fledged HR management software—hrMaster with its own resources. “hrMaster is a complex HR management software that can provide solutions for both the small companies with only 30-50 members as well as for serious international enterprises employing thousands of people. This is due to the good scalability, modular structure and pricing elasticity of the system,” says Dr. Mester Csaba, CEO, Evolution Consulting.

hrMaster is a fully integrated software with 14 modules. The basic module of the software is the personnel register which stores the entire set of employee data and documents and supports the data transformation processes that occur during onboarding, exit, and employment. Similarly, the intelligent scanning and storage of electronic documents is taken care by the document management module that is designed for generating work documents based on templates. The software offers working time and holiday management solutions where full training and exam management activities can also be carried out with it. Several modules of the hrMaster deal with employee evaluation processes supporting a leader-employee only or a 360-grade evaluation involving different assessment groups. “We approach evaluation processes on a project basis, feedbacks can be made at any frequency adapting to the company’s capabilities: they can run short but frequent feedback processes or build a more complex, less frequent evaluation methodology if they believe it is better,” explains Csaba. hrMaster also allows employees to provide feedback on any subject and at any frequency even anonymously.

On the other hand, the recruitment-selection module provides own, customizable career page to clients, which they can seamlessly integrate into their website. This allows clients to easily manage the entire selection process with unique and customized selection processes for each search, which Csaba believes differentiated hrMaster from other solutions. In fact, the range of data requested on the registration data sheet can also be changed per position. Talking about the timesheet module, clients can track daily tasks that can be reported to projects. The organizational structure and the cost center structure can be interconnected to create a matrix organizational structure. The integrated approach is also reflected in the system’s unified rights management, which gives the ability to accurately define at the level of the user groups what functions by whom can be applied to which employee group. Finally, hrMaster provides a special reporting module that allows the user to compile reports of their own.

We put great emphasis on helping the introduction of the system and providing support so that all customers can start using the system as quickly as possible and have the necessary support during its operation

“The purpose of hrMaster is to support every personnel process independently supporting stable and consistent operations without the need for standalone applications in different areas. This is a huge advantage over systems that focus on sub-areas,” he adds.

As a first step in the implementation projects, Evolution Consulting evaluates clients’ existing HR processes and expectations. Based on these, the company launches its system along with the education and parameterizing activities to foster more efficient HR processes. “We put great emphasis on helping the introduction of the system and providing support so that all customers can start using the system as quickly as possible and have the necessary support during its operation,” remarks Csaba.

For a number of small-scale businesses, Evolution Consulting has succeeded in achieving a breakthrough in their previous Excel-based records, supporting the involvement of their employees in personnel processes by building a self-service model. “This not only made the work of the HR staff easier and made it possible to increase the time spent on real-life interpersonal relationships, but we could also increase the employee experience,” says MESTER. Among the projects running at big clients, the company was able to implement a smooth transition from a multinational HR software to a company operating in two different sectors from the GE group. Resultantly, the processes became more transparent, simpler, more customizable and data migration has also been completed successfully.

While the hrMaster solution is built up from modules to provide outstanding solutions in the sub-areas as well, it also allows clients to make use of selected modules as required. The company is continuously improving the processes according to market feedback, developing all parts of the software while applying a highly customer-oriented approach to provide value to clients truly. In addition, being a modular structure, hrMaster also becomes the preferred choice for customers in terms of pricing as they can invest in a single solution for all their HR needs.

In the coming years, Evolution Consulting is set to increase its partner circle by several times, which provides a sufficient basis for keeping the system up to date. With an ongoing functional expansion of the system, the company will continuously integrate new features into the existing modules. Adjacently, a diversified approach remains the foreground for the company to expand the reach of the solution to companies of all sizes. The company is looking at expanding its global footprint with the help of the cloud. “To support geographical expansion, our system can be used in several languages, and we are continually expanding the localization. We want to be accessible to anyone and be attractive regardless of geographic conditions,” concludes the CEO.