Benify: Reinventing Employee Engagement

Markus Kullendorff, CEO, Josefine Söderqvist, HR Director and Joel Heister, COO, BenifyMarkus Kullendorff, CEO, Josefine Söderqvist, HR Director and Joel Heister, COO As an employee engagement ace, Benify has evolved from a facilitator of employee wants to employee needs; progressing from a Swedish born tech idea to a leading global human resource company. “In our 13-year evolution as a company, we have worked closely with many enterprises around the world, all of which run their HR operations in unique ways. One thing they all have in common: a continuous need to communicate with their employees and inspire them to be the best they can be,” extols Markus Kullendorff, CEO of Benify. The continued focus on opening dialogues with employees leads to a marked increase in employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity, as well as enhances employer branding. Influenced by rapidly changing technologies, today’s digital workforce prefers to stay informed and connected via an app. Similarly, employers are also making use of cutting-edge technologies to track their employee lifecycle and access information about them to create strategies that can boost employee morale. At the forefront of this revolution is Benify that is empowering clients with best of breed tools for attracting to retaining talent and measuring employee engagement for accomplishing long-term goals. “Our cloud-based solution helps employers of all sizes get closer to their employees and build sustainable employer brands,” he adds.

Creating a Great Workplace Environment

By truly understanding how to engage various employees, Benify offers a personalized engagement platform that can be tailored to each employee’s needs in all stages of their lifecycle. “The experience should start at the interview, but companies still have on-premise technology where the experience is outdated and cumbersome and does not appear until somebody has joined the organization. Benify provides a candidate portal that visualizes client’s employee offer boosting the employer brand,” remarks Kullendorff. The platform automates the entire employee lifecycle and allows employers to have targeted communication with each of the employee based on their stage in the lifecycle, like onboarding, offboarding, pension solutions, and parental leave. With the ability to personalize messages and target outreach, employers can create an engaging employee experience at each touchpoint, anytime and anywhere, which is why it is the “world’s most personalized engagement platform.”

In the process, the human side of HR does not disappear as it is important to be human and authentic in the way companies communicate with their workforce. Through the portal, Benify provides a greater number of personal touchpoints whilst the employee is at work.
“Benify helps create impactful employee benefits strategies, easy recruitment and retention, and improved employer branding,” states Kullendorff. He believes that health-related issues cost employers a fortune, which is why Benify has put together a wide range of health benefits from gym memberships, to health insurances, possibility to book a therapist, that help move employees toward a healthier path. This will make employees more engaged, healthier, productive and at the same time reduce the cost for employers. Alongside health benefits, Benify enables employers to offer attractive schemes related to pension, insurance, financial wellness, and work-life balance. Similarly, today’s workforce feels stressed about their financial situation and spend many hours at work trying to sort out their private finances. “We give them the tools to get this under control, which leads to happier and more productive employees,” explains Kullendorff. In addition, employers can aggregate all their companywide benefits within the Benify portal to offer a centralized view to employees who can then easily browse through all the benefits offered. Benify offers decision tools, calculators, simple registration, and enrollment processes for a smooth user experience. Here, employees get the option of self-service such as vacation planner, booking tools, and salary exchange.

Our cloud-based solution helps employers of all sizes get closer to their employees and build sustainable employer brands

Simultaneously, the platform offers modern dashboard capabilities to employers to access all relevant data of employees worldwide. With Benify, employers can paint a true picture of their actual employee outlay from salary, to pension, vacations, benefits and any collective insurances. Plus, benefits can be browsed by category, keyword search, or interactive map. What’s more, the Benify platform integrates all back-office information systems giving a centralized administration to the HR team. Using this data, HR teams can design, implement and monitor surveys. Automation of existing HR processes leads to less paperwork and more time to spend on people strategies from onboarding to exit. From the security standpoint, Benify’s solution is a fully implemented information security management system according to ISO/IEC 27001.

Growing with the Clients

As a smart system, Benify is able to successfully handle millions of dollars in salary deductions, along with a vast amount of data being fed and visualized each day by employees and employers. Over the course of time, the company has helped numerous clients with their employee engagement strategies. In one instance, L’Oréal Germany, a leading cosmetics company, was looking for a solution that catered to each of its 2,200 employees. The client was looking for a way to better visualize and manage its different company rewards programs to ensure that each employee has a sound understanding of their available benefits and rewards in a way which is easy to access and engage with. This way L’Oréal Germany would empower employees and give even more value through rewards program. Benify helped L’Oréal Germany to create My HR Rewards employee portal.
Using secure cloud technology, the My HR Rewards portal gave each employee the freedom to access and engage with their complete benefits and rewards anytime and anywhere on a desktop, tablet or even smartphone. Elegantly bringing together several of L’Oréal Germany’s HR processes in one place, the easy-to-use portal creates a unique personal journey for each employee— from the company’s unique “Share and Care”, childcare and healthcare program, to mobility solutions, digital onboarding, and ePayslips. “Thanks to the online portal, our HR and reward policy of the group has become more transparent and every employee has a clear view on the different elements of her/his remuneration, on the job mapping level and where she/he is positioned on the market,” explains Martina Heim, Manager of Compensation & Benefits at L’Oréal Germany. By opening their processes and finding a new, modern approach to how they engage their diverse workforce, L’Oréal Germany have been rewarded with more time to focus strategically on the bigger picture and functions such as recruiting, talent management and creating a powerful global and local employer brand. Soon after completing a year with Benify’s portal, L’Oréal Germany achieved the prestigious European HR Excellence Award.

Benify’s recipe to success is to constantly develop its technology and offering wherever there is an opportunity. Being a client-driven company, Benify fulfills all client needs with utmost precision. “If clients have a need, we fix it and develop solutions. Then we offer it to all clients. We are open-minded and adaptive to industrial changes, tax rules or other needs our clients may have,” says Kullendorff. This way the company also grows along with the clients. “We can spot trends early, thanks to a great amount of data from millions of users. We analyze all the data and take immediate action on our learning; this is why our solution is the best in the world.”

Enhancing the Quality of Employees’ Lives

Driven by passionate and innovative CEO, the company is powered by a team of energetic, creative, curious, and ambitious experts who have a lot of fun at their place of work. Benify’s team is led by Kullendorf’s high energy that always pushes for growth through innovation. Interestingly, the inside culture of the company holds the core values of exceeding expectations, showing love, and thinking ahead, which according to Kullendorff is a strong part of Benify’s identity. “We have many product ideas that are fighting to move to the top of our Product Board where we prioritize the best product candidates into a backlog, and then they get into the sprint with a team of developers, UX, product managers and more,” extols the CEO. Thanks to Benify’s lively culture and workforce, the company has grown steadfastly. “Our clients usually say that we are very fast moving and that we can make the impossible happen with our ‘we-can-mindset.’”

"We want to increase the quality of life for employees around the entire world"

As one of the world’s smartest engagement platform with the most advanced technology, Benify is vesting its focus on becoming the world’s biggest. To achieve this, the company is continuously working toward providing value to the end user—the employee—thereby increasing loyalty and engagement for the employer. “We want to increase the quality of life for employees around the entire world,” explains Kullendorff. In the future, Benify has an even more ambitious end goal, “connecting all the world’s employees with the world of benefits.”
- Khyati Dubal
    December 11, 2018

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Digital innovation is at the core of every organization. Enterprises need to digitize internal operations to create an efficient workforce. Employee engagement is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful digital innovation strategy. A continued focus on opening dialogues with employees leads to a marked increase in employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity, which helps immensely to enhance an employer’s branding