HR Tech Solutions Bolstering 'Employee Value Proposition'

By Pat Wadors, VP, Global Talent Organization, LinkedIn

Pat Wadors, VP, Global Talent Organization, LinkedIn

Align Philosophy and Processes

The goal in a global company is to align philosophy and processes at least by 80 percent so it is efficient and easy to understand from an employee’s point of view. Leveraging a HR solution like work day or even success factors can help drive that change and force "employee value proposition" conversations.

HCM tool to Handle Bonus Plans

For 2014, I would wish for a HCM tool to do compensation and variable comp really well. So it could handle several types of bonus plans as well as sales compensation plans. Also to have equity plans/value converted to local currency value as well. Every core HR process should be on "mobile"— meaning easily transacted on ipad or iphones mobile first.

The biggest challenge in the CHRO role today is the global market and talent practices— being compliant/managing data privacy issues and localization requirements as we scale.

"Implement simple pragmatic solutions, if you customize too much—scale and data integrity will be an issue"

Solutions that can Scale and be Stable

Actively listen to the business /learn from others mistakes—implement simple pragmatic solutions that can scale and be stable. If you customize too much scale and data integrity will be an issue.

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