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Lena Nordin, Chief HR Officer, Betsson Group

Lena Nordin, Chief HR Officer, Betsson Group

As an online gaming company, Betsson Group has a special relationship with data. We collect it, we analyse it, and we use the insights to enhance our relationship with our customers.

In the same way that we want to provide the best customer experience possible, we want to provide the best employee experience possible. Regardless of what might meet the eye at our casino and sportsbook sites, at the end of the day, we are powered by people. It is our people – us Betssonites, as we affectionately call ourselves – who develops our gaming technology and products, meets our players in Customer Service and at events, and who works in HR, Communications and other business supporting departments.

"We’re a tech company, and data runs in our blood"

75 per cent of us at Betsson are millennials; we have 60+ nationalities and people from all kinds of different backgrounds and walks of life, located in our offices across the world. There has been much written about what millennials want and don’t want, and we have been asked countless times to comment on how we manage to build a strong company culture with as diverse a workforce like ours.But we find that there is more that unites us than divides us. The basic human needs of feeling appreciated, involved and recognised go across nationalities and age groups.

At the same time, we are all individuals, with different needs and wants. And that’s precisely why our focus is on every employee’s experience in working with us — the whole journey. From the very first day they hear of our company through our employer branding efforts, in recruitment and onboarding, throughout their career with us –team events, company activities, development discussions, perhaps changing roles, always training and competence development. Right up to the day they leave, have their exit interview with HR and hopefully go on to be good ambassadors for us as an employer because that’s our goal: To be the Employer of Choice. For future, present and former employees. To be chosen and to be able to choose.

To this aim, we monitor the employee journey closely. We measure and follow-up. We evaluate and re-evaluate. The data we collect may be presented collectively in pie charts and diagrams, but we aim to see the individual. Our smorgasbord of employee activities, perks and benefits are just that –a selection for employees to choose from,a buffet of love and appreciation, if you will. Busy morning? How about some complimentary breakfast at work? Struggling with work-life balance? We provide hairdresser, nail technician, and masseur on site. Relocated and feeling a bit lonely? Join one of our social clubs such as the book club, arts, and crafts or football club. Wellness allowance, health insurance, and free company doctor provide security and ease of mind-to name a few of our extras. As our workforce changes, we assess and reassess, try to change with them and adapt to their dynamic individual needs and wants.

To follow trends in recruitment and to analyse our future need for talent and what they might be after in an Employer of Choice is part of our HR and Business Strategy. In fact, data is becoming more and more central to Talent Acquisition and how businesses recruit, and Betsson Group is no different. More than ever, the data is crucial to understanding the successes as well as shining a light on key areas of improvement.

Last year we hired 600 people globally, and so far in 2019 we’re at 531 and counting. On average we’re trending consistently at over 3000 unique applications per month. With the help of our integrated ATS system we track everything from time to hire, both for external and internal applicants, right through to the exact source of all our applicants on a global level.

But this is just the start and recruitment will become much more data-driven in the years to come, where predictive analysis will see us shift from using data in a retrospective capacity to using it much more pro-actively.

Of course, even now, we can be pro-active with data insights, mainly when it comes to acquiring talent. Our team of recruiters are armed with analytical tools which highlight those companies who are strongest in various disciplines and geographical areas, who’s hiring, who’s losing people and even which talent might be most receptive to an approach. Having this holistic view of the migration of talent allows us to make much more informed decisions.

The game has certainly changed, and the role of an internal recruitment function is becoming more akin to that of a digital marketer. For instance, some of our digital campaigns focus purely on employer branding, while others are much more focussed around a specific vacancy. Our recruiters use the analytics at their disposal to optimise campaigns to ensure the strongest ROI, and then constantly review the data throughout the lifecycle.

We’re a tech company, and data runs in our blood. But when it comes right down to it, it’s the individual that matters. Tech and data are there to support us making decisions and making each person’s experience in engaging and working with us the best we possibly can. Up for new adventures or happy to stay where you are? Company party or paid parental leave? No matter where you are in life, where your priorities lie, at Betsson Group we are there for you.

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